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TGF Membership

Become a Member


Enjoy access to our Trackman facility during TGF Member hours

20% off bay rental outside of member hours

Priority booking

Up to 1.5 hours/day any additional will receive 20% discount

Become a Member, your golf game will Thank You!


Precision Practice:  Gain unlimited access to Trackman Technology, allowing you to analyze and optimize every aspect of your swing, from carry distance to club speed and so much more.  With detailed data at your fingertips you'll refine your skills like never before.


Consistent Improvement:  With up to 1.5 Hours per visit, plus discounted rates for additional time, you'll have ample opportunity to hone your game and make meaningful improvements.  Whether it's mastering your driver or dialing in your short game, our membership empowers you to consistently refine your skills.


Confidence on Course:  Armed with insights into your performance you'll step onto the course with newfound confidence.  Knowing your numbers gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to make informed decisions and execute shots with precision, leading to lower scores and greater satisfaction on the course.


Member-Exclusive Benefits:  Enjoy 20% off parties, leagues and events, making The Golf Factory your go-to destination for golfing fun.



Don't settle for guesswork-join our membership at The Golf Factory and enhance your game with Trackman! 



Member Hours 

M-W All Day

Th-F 9am-4pm

Sunday 11am-6pm

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